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WindowBlinds allows you to change the style of title bars, buttons, the Start bar, toolbars
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22 August 2005

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Tired with the same look of the windows? Now with WindowBlinds completely change the look and feel of the windows.
A universal software which can be used both by the consumers and corporations is certified by Microsoft. With a top notch performance the color of the visual style is changed. With alpha blended start menu and standard menu you can have semi-transparent pieces of those parts of Windows XP which bear a jagged look. It can also change such dialogs like logon/logoff dialogs, the "please wait" dialog, backgrounds in the Control Panel and other special folders, and much more. For the Windows XP users there is an additional aspect such as mouse-over on the start menu. It also supports a special feature called the Hyper-paint which uses the extra video RAM on your video card to "buffer" your windows which makes moving them on screen possible without any repainting. Moreover it can change the toolbar icons of Internet explorer and explorer.
WindowBlinds is the world's most popular desktop enhancement utility with over 10 million user base.

Publisher's description

WindowBlinds is the world's most popular desktop enhancement utility. With a user base estimated at around 10 million, WindowBlinds is used by both consumers and corporations who want to change the way the Windows user interface looks and feels. It is the only program of its kind used and certified by Microsoft.
WindowBlinds 4.5 includes the new ability to change the color of visual styles through hue shifting along with modifying the brightness and saturation of the visual style. It also includes the ability to have alpha blended Start menus and standard menus which enable users to have semi-transparent pieces to those parts of Windows XP and eliminates the "jagged" look around the edges of the interface. WindowBlinds 4.51 enables users to have semitransparent pieces in the Start menu, adds support for 64-bit version of Windows XP and enhanced support for instant messenger clients.
Consumers can purchase the enhanced version of WindowBlinds for $19.95 which adds the ability to skin more elements of the Windows user interface and can skin even non-theme aware applications.
See for information on how you can make your own application skinnable.
Version 4.6
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